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  1. -11-24-05 Chinese River Pollution 100 Tons (BBC News)
      "A blast at a Chinese plant 12 days ago sent the equivalent of 10 tanker-loads of toxic chemicals into the Songhua river, Chinese state media report." 11-05

  2. -12-02-05 U.N.: Torture Still Widespread in China (Guardian Unlimited)
      "Human rights groups say brutality and degradation are common in Chinese prisons, where many of the victims are from the Tibetan and Uighur ethnic minorities, political dissidents, followers of the banned Falun Gong sect and members of underground churches."

      "Although China outlawed torture in 1996, its definition of illegal acts - those leaving physical marks - is so narrow that interrogators can employ a wide range of methods contravening UN standards." 12-05

  3. -4-12-05 Tensions High Between China and Japan (CNN News)
      "Protests are rare in China, with the government keeping a tight rein on any public gatherings and banning most demonstrations."

      "But while China's government has urged protesters to remain calm, and avoid extremist behavior, it has been tolerant of these anti-Japanese demonstrations, urging Tokyo to take a 'responsible attitude' towards history."

      "The protests saw tens of thousands of protesters call for a boycott of Japanese products, burning flags and shouting anti-Japanese slogans."

      "Tokyo has demanded an apology and compensation from Beijing for the damage caused by protesters, and demanded that Chinese authorities protect Japanese in China."

      "The tensions can be traced back to Japan's military campaigns in the last century. Japan invaded Manchuria in 1931, and occupied various parts of China until 1945." 4-05

  4. -4-16-05 Tensions High Between China and Japan (CBS News)
      "About 20,000 anti-Japanese protesters rampaged in Shanghai on Saturday, stoning Japan's consulate and smashing cars and shops in a protest over Tokyo's wartime history and its bid for a permanent U.N. Security Council seat. Thousands of police watched but did little to restrain the crowd."

      "Japan filed an official protest, complaining that Chinese authorities failed to stop the violence."

      "The Shanghai government, however, blamed Japan for the protest, saying it was sparked by 'Japan's wrong attitudes and actions on a series of issues such as its history of agression,' the official Xinhua news agency quoted government spokeswoman Jiao Yang as saying late Saturday." 4-05

  1. Ziyang, Zhao - Former Premier of China (
      "Zhao Ziyang, the Chinese Communist Party leader ousted for sympathizing with student activists during the 1989 military crackdown in Tiananmen Square, died in a Beijing hospital at age 85." 1-05

  2. Ziyang, Zhao - Former Premier of China (USA Today)
      "Zhao Ziyang, the former Chinese Communist Party leader who helped pioneer reforms that launched China's economic boom but was ousted after the 1989 Tiananmen Square prodemocracy protests, died Monday at a Beijing hospital. He was 85."

      "During the Tiananmen protests, Zhao called for compromise and expressed sympathy for some of the student's demands." 1-05


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