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  1. Algae Cause Severe Water Problem in China (BBC News)
      "China is to spend millions of dollars in an effort to clean up one of its largest lakes, which has been severely polluted by years of waste dumping."

      "An algae infestation earlier this year in Lake Tai, in Jiangsu province, led to a public panic and the suspension of water supplies from the lake." 10-07

  2. Pollution Reaches Deadly Extremes in China (MSNBC News)
      "No country in history has emerged as a major industrial power without creating a legacy of environmental damage that can take decades and big dollops of public wealth to undo."

      "But just as the speed and scale of China’s rise as an economic power have no clear parallel in history, so its pollution problem has shattered all precedents. Environmental degradation is now so severe, with such stark domestic and international repercussions, that pollution poses not only a major long-term burden on the Chinese public but also an acute political challenge to the ruling Communist Party. And it is not clear that China can rein in its own economic juggernaut." 08-07


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