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  1. Ancient Chinese
  1. Chinese History (Poon)
      Provides an elaborate history of China, organized by periods. 10-09

  1. Pictures of Famous Places in China (
      Provides pictures of many of the tourist spots. 5-02

  1. Ancient China (Beavers)
  2. Ancient Chinese Furniture (Purdue - Big Sky)
      Provides pictures and text for classical Chinese furniture.

  3. Ancient Chinese Literature (Purdue - Big Sky)
      Provides samples of classical Chinese literature, including Confucian, Taoist, and others.

  4. Ancient Chinese Musical Instruments (Purdue - Big Sky)
      Provides a short description and a picture of the gongs, drums, guan, sheng, suona, bawu, di, and others.

  5. China - Historical Events by Location (Time Asia)
      Provides a history of major Chinese movements or events, especially since the middle of the 20th century. 6-01

  6. Chinese Culture and History (China, The Beautiful - Pei)
      Provides information by subject, such as calligraphy, painting, poetry, stories, dictionaries, and more. 3-00

  7. Chinese Embassy in the USA
      Provides the Web page for China's Embassy in the USA. Warning- Information on Tibetan history and culture should be regarded as propaganda rather than factual information. 2-00

  8. Daily Life in Ancient China (Donn)
      Provides a comprehensive view of ancient China, including daily life activities and overall history. 03-06


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