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  1. China (China Publications Project)
      Provides resources on Chinese culture. From China.

  2. Chinese Cities
      Provides comprehensive factual and cultural information.

  1. -04-07-09 Chinese Art Market Crashes (Christian Science Monitor)
      "One of the best ways to make a quick buck over the past few years has been to buy contemporary Chinese paintings. The fastest-growing sector of a feverish international art market saw prices leap by multiples of ten or more."

      "No longer. The global recession is deflating sales." 04-09

  2. -07-19-07 Chinese May See Other Views Better Than Americans (MSNBC News)
      "Rugged American individualism could hinder our ability to understand other peoples' point of view, a new study suggests."

      "And in contrast, the researchers found that Chinese are more skilled at understanding other people's perspectives, possibly because they live in a more 'collectivist' society." 07-07

  3. -07-31-07 China's Me Generation (Time Magazine)
      "There are roughly 300 million adults in China under age 30, a demographic cohort that serves as a bridge between the closed, xenophobic China of the Mao years and the globalized economic powerhouse that it is becoming. Young Chinese are the drivers and chief beneficiaries of the country's current boom: according to a recent survey by Credit Suisse First Boston, the incomes of 20- to 29-year-olds grew 34% in the past three years, by far the biggest of any age group. And because of their self-interested, apolitical pragmatism, they could turn out to be the salvation of the ruling Communist Party so long as it keeps delivering the economic goods. Survey young, urban Chinese today, and you will find them drinking Starbucks, wearing Nikes and blogging obsessively. But you will detect little interest in demanding voting rights, let alone overthrowing the country's communist rulers. 'On their wish list,' says Hong Huang, a publisher of several lifestyle magazines, 'a Nintendo Wii comes way ahead of democracy.' " 07-07

  1. Chinese Calligraphy (China, The Beautiful - Pei)
      Provides information for appreciation of the art form. 3-00

  2. Chinese Culture (Wonderful China)
      Provides information on Chinese culture in Russian. 7-00

  1. Chinese Culture (Wei Ming)
      Provides a magazine on Chinese art and culture.


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