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Kashmir Region


  1. News on Kashmir (
      Provides news from Kashmir from an Indian point of view. 12-01

  1. Causes of Conflict in Kashmir (BBC News - Schofield)
      Provides a short history of the basis of conflict in Kashmir. 1-02

  2. Causes of Conflict in Kashmir (CNN - Tully)
      Provides an update of the situation, as of May of 2002. 5-02

  3. Culture of Jammu and Kashmir (Jammu and Kashmir Government)
      Provides information primarily for tourists. Editor's Note - India and Pakistan are in armed conflict in the region. Travel to the area at this time could be very dangerous. 12-01

  4. Government of Jammu and Kashmir (Jammu and Kashmir Government)
      Provides information from the government of Jammu and Kashmir. 12-01

  5. History of Kashmir Conflict (PBS Lehrer NewsHour)
      Provides two perspectives on the conflict from experts. "I think in some respects we've got two wars going on. One is a war between India and Pakistan, and that war is being fought over the heads of the second war, which has kind of gradually moved off the front pages of the news here, and that is the war about what kind of disposition people in Kashmir -- Kashmiris want for their future political life." - Newberg 12-01

  6. Nuclear Risk Over Kashmir - An Analysis (BBC News - Bennett-Jones)
      "But both sides would have to climb a long series of escalatory steps before their nuclear forces came into play." 8-02

  7. Poets and Poetesses of Kashmir (Kashmiri Overseas Association)
      Provides short profiles on some of the most famous poets and poetesses. 12-01


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