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  1. -07-01-09 Coup in Honduras (CNN News)
      " 'Foreign governments misunderstand our situation,' Congressman Juan Orlando tells TIME. 'Once they learn that this was really a legal change of power, they will change their position.' Yet it could be tough to persuade the international community of the legality of exiling a President at the barrel of a gun."

      "On July 1, the Organization of American States gave Honduras 72 hours to reinstate Zelaya or face suspension of its membership, and Zelaya has said he plans to return to Tegucigalpa anyway if his foes don't comply. In response, Micheletti has sworn that he will arrest Zelaya if he sets foot in the country and that he is ready for anything Venezuela or anyone else can throw at him. With neither side showing signs of compromise, the risk of a violent clash rises a prospect that worries many in Tegucigalpa." 07-09


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