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  1. Portland (Portland Business Alliance)
      Provides information on Portland businesses. 10-09

  2. Portland - Bicycle Advocacy (Bicycle Transportation Alliance)
      Provides leadership in making bicylces a viable alternative means of transportation within the city of Portland. Portland is a national leader in bicycle accessibility, with bicycle lanes on streets, bike carriers on city buses, and designated bicycle parking spaces. 10-01

  3. Portland - Jobs Available (Multnomah County)
  4. Portland - Jobs Available at OHSU (OHSU) 03-07
  5. Portland - Portland State University
  6. Portland - Powell Books
      Provides one of the largest listings of new and used books in the USA.

  7. Portland - Regional Research Institute for Human Services (PSU)
      Provides resources on improving the environment.

  8. Portland - Volunteering Opportunities (
      Provides service opportunities in the Portland area. 11-01

  9. Portland Community College
  10. Portland Street Maps (
      Provides maps of Portland city streets around addresses you specify. 1-03

  11. Portland Tri-Met Schedule
  12. Portland Weather (USA Today)
  1. Portland Gas and Electricity (PGE)
      Allows paying bills by PC.

  1. Buying Local (
      "If you are are concerned about strengthening the quality of life in Portland's neighborhoods and the economic vitality of the greater Portland area, you need to consider the positive impact you have when you buy from independent, locally owned businesses." "There are currently nearly 300 participating businesses and the number is growing constantly." "You can look for the campaign Window Decal at participating businesses that have retail locations." 11-05

  2. Portland Campaign Finance Reform (
      Provides information on an attempt to clean laws related to Portland's political campaigns. Currently, candidates are not limited in the amount or sources of funds they can collect. 4-04

  3. Portland Mayor - Dr. R. Jerry Adams (Jerry Adams for Mayor)
      Provides Web page for the candidate for Mayor of Portland. 3-04

  4. Portland Mayor - Phil Busse (Phil Busse for Mayor)
      Provides Web page for the candidate for Mayor of Portland. 3-04

  5. Portland Mayor - Tom Potter (Tom Potter for Mayor)
      Provides Web page for the candidate for Mayor of Portland. 3-04

  6. Portland Neighborhood Associations (
      Provides information on neighborhood associations in Portland, Oregon. 3-04

  7. Portland Proposed Budget for 2004-2005 (
      Provides Mayor Katz's proposed budget for the year. 4-04

  8. Portland Resource and Referral Center (
      Provides resources for child care. 7-01

  9. Portland: 36 Hours in Portland (New York Times)
      " 'NICE' is an adjective that Portland, Ore., can't seem to shake. But below the fleece-clad and Teva-wearing exterior lurks a cool and refreshingly unneurotic city that marches to its own cosmopolitan beat." 04-07

Purchase Resources
  1. Portland - Restuarant Food Delivered (
      Delivers restaurant food. 3-05


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