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  1. Ukrainian Translation of Web Pages - English Instructions (
      Provides online translations of Web Pages that you select. To view the Web through the Awesome Library, put the URL of the Awesome Library ( in the URL box, select "English to Ukrainian," and then select Translate. 7-02

  2. Ukrainian Version of Google Search Engine (
      Provides searches of the Web in Ukrainian. 7-02

  1. Editorial: U.S. Campaign in Kiev (Guardian Unlimited - Traynor)
      "Ukraine, traditionally passive in its politics, has been mobilised by the young democracy activists and will never be the same again."

      "But while the gains of the orange-bedecked 'chestnut revolution' are Ukraine's, the campaign is an American creation, a sophisticated and brilliantly conceived exercise in western branding and mass marketing that, in four countries in four years, has been used to try to salvage rigged elections and topple unsavoury regimes."

      "Funded and organised by the US government, deploying US consultancies, pollsters, diplomats, the two big American parties and US non-government organisations, the campaign was first used in Europe in Belgrade in 2000 to beat Slobodan Milosevic at the ballot box."

      "Richard Miles, the US ambassador in Belgrade, played a key role. And by last year, as US ambassador in Tbilisi, he repeated the trick in Georgia, coaching Mikhail Saakashvili in how to bring down Eduard Shevardnadze." 12-04

  2. Safety for Foreigners While Traveling in the Ukrkaine (
      "Even though Poltava is safe, you still should take some precautions." A couple of examples of precautions listed in the article include:

      "Don't go into back streets of the city. Instead, try to stay in the city center, which is quite big and has got lots of things to offer to a traveler, such as bars and restaurants, museums and parks and many sights to see."

      "Don't speak your language too loudly. Poltava is not a major travel destination. Therefore, people pay much attention to you when they hear you speaking a different language. Our people are very welcoming to foreign visitors. It is just that you still want to keep a low profile and try not to attract attention of those willing to take an advantage of you in one way or another." 04-12

  3. Ukraine (
      Provides information on the economy, people, government, geography, and a map.

  4. Ukraine (U.S. State Department)
      Provides information on the economy, transportation, people, government, geography, and a map.

  5. Ukrainian Encyclopedia (
      Provides over 10,000 articles in the language. 12-04

  6. Ukrainians Install Interim President (
      "Ukraine’s parliament moved quickly to choose a new interim president and establish a working government on Sunday, just a day after the deposed President Viktor Yanukovych fled Kiev in the face of mass violence and unrest." 02-14

  7. Ukrainians Solidify Government (New York Times)
      "Ukrainian lawmakers moved swiftly on Sunday to assert control over the government, racing to restore calm after a week of upheaval and bloodshed that ended in President Viktor F. Yanukovych’s flight and ouster on Saturday, and in sudden fears that the country might fall into civil war." 02-14


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