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  1. Middle East (Awesome Library)
      Provides a set of resourches for studying the Middle East. 2001. 2-01

  1. Awesome Library in Russian (Promt)
      Provides online translations of the Web. 7-02

  2. Hebrew - Ancient Hebrew (
      Provides the ancient Hebrew alphabet and shows how ancient Greek was based on it. "Most are aware that our English language uses the Latin alphabet which has evolved out of the Greek alphabet. What most are not aware of is that the Greek alphabet evolved out of the Hebrew Alphabet." 7-02

  3. Hebrew - Search the Old Testament in Hebrew (
      Provides searches in Hebrew. 7-02

  4. Hebrew Version of Google Search Engine (
      Provides searches of the Web in Hebrew. Instructions are in Hebrew. 7-02

  1. Jerusalem Post
      Provides news from one of Israel's newspapers.

  2. Middle East News (BBC News)
      Provides news stories, features, and analysis of the news in the Middle East, with a heavy emphasis on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

  1. 10-16-02 U.N. Chief Backs a Tough Resolution for Iraq Inspections (Frontline - Sura)
      "Calling Iraq's failure to comply with U.N. demands to disarm a grave international challenge, Secretary-General Kofi Annan on Wednesday backed a new U.N. resolution that would toughen weapons inspections and urged Baghdad to use this 'last chance.' " 10-02

  2. Hamas (BBC News - Asser)
      Provides a history of the development of the international terrorist group that operates heavily in Israel. "Hamas does not recognise the right of Israel to exist. Its long-term aim is to establish an Islamic state on land originally mandated as Palestine - most of which has been contained within Israel's borders since its creation in 1948." 11-01

  3. Hebrew for Children (
      Provides flash cards and other materials to help children learn the Hebrew alphabet.

  4. History of the Middle East Regarding Israel (Guardian Unlimited - Brown)
      Provides a timeline, starting in 1881, describing the events leading up to the formation of Israel. Also describes the conflicts between Israelis and other Middle East countries. 4-02

  5. Islamic Jihad (BBC News - Asser)
      Provides a history of the development of the international terrorist group that operates heavily in Israel. "Israel is considered - along with pro-Western, secular Arab regimes - as a manifestation of Western imperialism in the Islamic lands. Going into battle against it is therefore the first step to fulfilling the goals of Islam." 11-01

  6. Israel (
      Provides a profile by topic, including Economy, Defense, Geography, Government, People, National Anthem, Lyrics and Related Links. Provides a map and a flag. 6-02

  7. Israel (Library of Congress)
      Provides a history of the country, including culture, government, economy, and more. Also includes geographic information. 1-02

  8. Israel (U.S. State Department)
      Provides a history of each country, including culture, government, economy, and more. 1-02

  9. Israel - Middle East Peace History (BBC)
      Provides a short history of the Middle East area for the past 50 years from a British point of view. Includes a map of the area and discusses the Palestinian situation.

  10. Knesset (American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise)
      "The Knesset is Israel's legislature. The Knesset took its name and fixed its membership at 120 from the Knesset Hagedolah (Great Assembly), the representative Jewish council convened in Jerusalem by Ezra and Nehemiah in the 5th century B.C.E." 4-02

  11. Resistance from Within Israel (Frontline - Sura)
      "Trial by court-martial could well focus unnecessary attention on the IDF. However, Zonshein might also be found guilty and sentenced to three years. Said Mashiach: 'Putting him on trial is by definition trying the occupation' " by Israel of Palestinian territory. 10-02

  12. Sharon, Ariel (BBC News - Butt)
      Provides a profile of the Prime Minister of Israel. 11-01

  13. Sharon, Ariel (BBC News)
      Provides a political profile on the Prime Minister of Israel. 8-01

  14. The Controversy in Jerusalem (CBS News)
      "Jerusalem is one of the holiest cities on Earth, for Jews, for Muslims and for Christians. It is also one of the most difficult issues at the negotiating table as Palestinians and Israelis struggle to continue the peace talks."

      There is an inconvenient truth for Israelis, however: "biblical Jerusalem is not located in the western half of the city. It's right under the densely populated Arab neighborhood of Silwan. And according to the Clinton parameters, Silwan should be part of a Palestinian state."

      "To remedy that, organizations that move Jewish settlers into Arab areas have infiltrated Silwan." 10-10

  15. Torah for Children (
      Provides the stories of the Torah for children.

  16. Wye River Peace Accords (U.S. Embassy)
      Provides a copy of the Memorandum signed by Palestinian Chairman Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to facilitate implementation of the Interim Agreement on the West Bank and Gaza Strip. 10-00


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