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  1. Syria ( - Rosenberg)
      Provides sources of maps, statistics, the flag, government and military information, and information on the economy. 2-01

  1. -Arabic Translation of the Web - English Instructions ( star
      Provides online translations of the Web. To view the Web through the Awesome Library, put the URL of the Awesome Library ( in the URL box, select Translate, and you will be started. You will need to have Arabic fonts loaded in your browser in order to see the Arabic. You may, of course, start with a Web page other than the Awesome Library. 7-02

  2. Awesome Library in Arabic ( star
      Provides the Awesome Library in Arabic. 7-02

  1. -Syrian Rebels Claim Government Used Poison Gas (
      "The Syrian government pounded rebellious areas east of the capital, Damascus, early Wednesday, and antigovernment activists said some rockets included chemical weapons that killed scores of people, and possibly hundreds." 08-13

  2. Editorial: Syria's Assad Cracks Down on Protesters (New York Times)
      "When Bashar al-Assad succeeded his father, Hafez, as Syria’s president in 2000, the United States and many others hoped that Syria might finally stop persecuting its people and become a more responsible regional power."

      "That didn’t happen. Now Mr. Assad appears determined to join his father in the ranks of history’s blood-stained dictators, sending his troops and thugs to murder anyone who has the courage to demand political freedom." 04-11

  3. Syria (Library of Congress)
      Provides a history of the country, including culture, government, economy, and more. Also includes geographic information. 1-02

  4. Syria and Assad (BBC News)
      Provides a political and military background on Syria and President Assad's role. 10-01

  5. Syrian Ancient City of Palmyra (
      "After months of fierce fighting, the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) captured the town of Palmyra northeast of Syria’s capital Damascus on Thursday, leaving the group in control of more than half of the country’s territory—and raising fears among experts that its fighters will begin smashing spectacular ancient sites." 05-15

  6. Syrian Forces Shoot Protesters (New York Times)
      "In the afternoon, residents said, hundreds tried to march to the town, either to break the siege or to bring food and medicine. As they approached, reportedly carrying olive branches and white sheets to signal their peacefulness, security forces opened fire."

      " 'There was a lot of screaming,' Mr. Tarif said by phone, citing the accounts of residents there. 'It was a massacre. It was another bloody massacre.' " 04-11


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