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  • Kidnappings on the Rise in Mexico City (CNN News)
      "According to the Mexico City prosecutor's office, kidnappings rose 76 percent in the first four months of the year compared to last year. Mexicans United Against Crime, citing police figures, says there were 789 kidnappings in 2007."

      "Authorities think the real figures may be even greater because victims won't report crimes to a police force they don't trust. Experts say the rise is also a result of the perceived sense that crimes go unpunished here." 08-08

  • Mexican Human-Rights Activist Digna Ochoa (World Press Review - Szymanski)
      "She was 'willing to take all the risks of the profession that was her only weapon: the law.' ” 11-02

  • Mexican Human-Rights Activist General José Gallardo (World Press Review - Mercier)
      Provides a brief background on General Gallardo and his role in fighting for human rights in Mexico. 11-02

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