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  1. Digital Librarian (Anderson)
      Provides one of the most comprehensive resources for librarians, as well as the general public. 10-09

  2. Directory for the Internet (California State Library)
      Provides a comprehensive directory of sites on the Internet by subject. 1-02

  3. Education Index by Lifestage
      Provides resources by prenatal and infant, preschool, primary eduation, middle education, secondary education, college education, graduate education, continuing education, parenting, and careers.

  4. Education Resources (Gaer)
  5. Future Classics by PC Magazine (PC Magazine)
      Provides 10 sites that are already very popular. 07-07

  6. Librarians' Directory (Librarians' Internet Index)
      Provides a directory. 09-09

  7. LookSmart Web Organizer for the Family (LookSmart, Ltd.)
  8. Lycos Reviews of Web Sites (Lycos)
      Provides 10,000 reviews and was rated as having the best format for reviews by Internet World in January 1997 issue.

  9. Multnomah County Public Library
  10. PC Computing WebMap
  11. Ready Reference Collection (Internet Public Library)
      Allows questions to be asked of librarians. 09-09

  12. Women's Issues Search Engine (WWWomen)
      Provides a Directory and Search Engine for content of interest to women.

  13. Yahoo Directory
      Provides one of the most popular directories. 10-09

  1. Top 500 Web Sites in the World (
      Provides a list. 06-06


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