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Teacher Oriented

Also Try
  1. Teacher's Office
  1. AskERIC
      Provides lesson plans and other educational materials. 09-09

  2. Education World (Teacher Resources)
  3. Education and Teaching Resources (BBC Education)
      Provides educational materials developed by the British Broadcasting Corporation. 1-02

  4. Explorer Curriculum Browsing
  5. Helping Hand to the Internet (NYISE)
      Provides carefully selected links to education, use of the Internet, Internet safety, and, of course, Special Education.

  6. Internet Resources for Teachers (Schools Internet)
  7. Internet Resources for Teachers (The School Page)
  8. Lesson Ideas for Teachers (Jensen)
      The Teacher's Corner provides sources of information for teachers, by topic.

  9. Lessons in Core Subjects (TeachNet)
      Provides well displayed lessons in each subject. 10-09

  10. Linking Kids Around the World (Global SchoolNet Foundation)
  11. MegaLinks (Cave Spring Junior High)
  12. Popular Sites for Teachers (Sites for Teachers) star
      Provides rankings of sites for teachers, based on the number of page views that the site contributes to (Popularity is not based on the number of page views that the listed site receives.) 9-00

  13. Resources for Teachers (McGraw-Hill)
  14. Teacher Resources (Middle School)
      Provides sources of lesson plans, subject resources, and tips for teachers. 8-00

  15. Teacher's Resources (
      Provides an education search engine. 10-09

  16. Teacher's Tools (TRC)
  17. Yahoo K-12 Education Resources 9-01
  1. Educational Testing Service
      Provides testing information. 10-09

  1. Teacher News and Resources (TeachWeb)
      TeachWeb offers lesson plans, classes, newsletters, and resources for math, english, science, social studies and computer teachers. 2-00

  2. Teacher News and Resources ( )
      Provides education news, resources by subject, and more. 2-00

  1. -Educators - Grades 7 - 12 (Mining Co. - Walker)
      Provides a wealth of information for secondary school teachers. Resources are carefully selected and well organized. Many articles related to assessment, creative thinking, and classroom management. 9-05

  2. Middle and High School Education ResourcesAsk the Expert ( - Kelly)
      Provides sources of information.


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